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Welcome To MystiqueBodha. We are here to help you to live a Stress Free, Anxiety Free, Goal Focused, Joyful, Calm, Relaxed and Goal Achieving life.


Every Thing You Want

Stress Free

Doing meditation live a stress free life.

More Focused

live a goal focused mind, get a less annoying mind.

Anxiety Free

Control and manage your anxiety

More Healthy

live a more emotional, mental and physical healthy life.

Sound Sleep

Get deep relaxing meditative sleep and always be fresh.

More Joyful

Live a ever joyful live.

Meet The Instructor

Meet Swapnil Tamboli the founder and instructor of MystiqueBodha. He is doing meditation from the early age of 10.

Swapnil’s meditative experience span to over 20 years. He is also a music composer. 

Swapnil’s teaching methodology is simple, focused and practical.  You can learn the art of relaxation and meditation form him in very short time.

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