Osho Jokes on Mulla Nasrudin

1) During a religious meeting an attractive young widow leaned too far over the balcony and fell, but her dress caught on a chandelier and held her impended in mid-air. The preacher, of course, immediately noticed the woman’s predicament and called out to his congregation: ”The first person who looks up there is in danger of being punished with blindness.”
Mulla Nasrudin, who was in the congregation whispered to the man next to him, ”I Think I will Risk one Eye”.

2) Mulla Nasrudin was testifying in Court. He noticed that everything he was being taken down by the court reporter. As he went along, he began talking faster and still faster. Finally, the reporter was frantic to keep up with him.
Suddenly, the Mulla said, ”Good Gracious, Mister, don’t write so fast, I can’t keep  up with you!”  

3) ”What’s the idea,” asked the boss of his new employee, Mulla Nasrudin, ”of telling me you had five years’ experience, when now I find you never had a job before?”
”Well,” said Nasrudin, ”didn’t you advertise for a man with imagination?”

4) Mulla Nasrudin’s servant rushed into the room and cried, ”Hurry your husband is lying unconscious in the hall beside a large round box with a piece of paper clutched in his hand.”
”How Exciting,” said Mulla Nasrudin’s wife, ”My Fur Coat Has Come.”

5) Mulla Nasrudin trying to pull his car out of a parking space banged into the car ahead. Then he backed into the car behind. Finally, after pulling into the street, he hit a beer truck. When the police arrived, the patrolman said, ”Let’s see your licence, Sir.” ”Don’t be silly,” said Nasrudin. ”who do you think would give me a licence?”

6) ”What’s the idea of coming in here late every morning, Mulla?” asked the boss.
”It’s Your fault, Sir” Said Mulla Nasrudin. ”You have Trained me so Thoroughly not  to watch the Clock in the office, Now I am in the Habit of not looking at it Home.”

7) Applicants for a job on a dam had to take a written examination, the first question of which was,”What does hydrodynamics mean?”
Mulla Nasrudin, one of the applicants for the job, looked at this, then wrote against it: ”it means I Don’t get job.”

8) The boss was asked to write a reference for Mulla Nasrudin whom he was dismissing after only oneweek’s work. He would not lie, and he did not want to hurt the Mulla unnecessarily. So he  wrote: ”to whom it may concern: mulla nasrudin worked for us for one week, and We are satisfied.”

9) A rich widow had lost all her money in a business deal and was flat broke. She told her lover, MullaNasrudin, about it and asked, ”Dear, in spite of the fact that I am not rich any more will you still love me?”
“Certainly, Honey,” said Nasrudin, ”i will. Love you always – even though i will probably never see you again.”

10) A patent medicine salesman at the fair was shouting his claims for his Rejuvenation Elixir. ”If you don’t believe the label, just look at me,” he shouted. ”I take it and I am 300 years old.”
”Is he really that old?” asked a farmer of the salesman’s young assistant, Mulla Nasrudin.
“I really don’t know,” Said Nasrudin. ”you see, i have only been with him for 180 years.”