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This article was written on 18 Mar 2012, and is filled under Reflection Through Stories & Jokes.

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Whether Sky Or Earth ?

Its late evening and a Very famous astrologer was passing by a country road, his whole attention is towards the sky and he was calculating the positions of stars and planets; suddenly he felt into a well and started  to shouting for help, a very old lady somehow manages to save him.

The Famous Astrologer proudly said “Dear Lady i am a very famous astrologer of the country many kings, riches come to me to know abot them, whenever you want to know somthing about yourself come to me i will tell you without any charge”.

The Old Lady Laughed And said to the Astrologer “A person not capable of seeing whats on the earth is talking about the skies”.

So be very careful and alerted when selecting person to ask question; since all the spirituality talks about skies and life is full of wells.

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