From Sheep To Lion

Once A lioness with her new born child Was Jumping Over A Plateau and her child was dropped and lost into the Flock of sheep. Since the baby lion grow young with the sheep hence he started to living like a sheep, in his walking, eating he is a sheep.

Once when the sheep was drinking water from a near by lake a Old lion attacked the group, the flock of sheep started to shouting and running with fear; The old lion was shocked after seeing that a very strong and young lion is also running and shouting with the flock of sheep.  

The old lion managed to caught the young lion and took him to the lake and showed him his face and said you are a lion why are you acting like a sheep?

The young lion got realization of his true self and and roared in his fullest.

One only have to look to his own self and a master is one who acts like old lion and reveals your true self by reflecting your absoluteness in his mirror full conscious to you. Any thing else done will only create a endless confusion around you because if you are already The Lion than what is the purpose of taking “Become Lion Pill”.