A Prostitute And Two Monks

Once two monks were going to their monastery. One monk was young and one was old. In the way there was a river which must had to be cross for reaching the monastery.

just by the river there was seated a very beautiful prostitute, she was weak and crying because she can not cross the river by herself. The moment she heard the voice of men’s walking she became very happy but when she saw men were monks she again became sad because even touching the woman is forbidden amongst monks and she was a prostitute. so with deep sadness and no hope she asked for their help to cross the river.    

and there happened a very unusual event the young monk lifted the prostitute up and put her in his shoulders and crossed the river.

after seeing what was just happened the old monk became very angry from inside, but since he was a monk he can not became angry from outside so he did not say anything at the moment. but as they again started walking the burden of that event starts getting heavier and heavier and after they walked about some 20 miles the burden of event is so heavy on old monk that he shouted at the young monk and said “don’t you know even touching the woman is forbidden but you put a prostitute on shoulders and even a single line of guilt is not there on your face?”

the young monk smiled and said “it is you who was carrying that woman for 20 miles, I just helped the woman and left her there”.
Our Daily life situation is also just like that old monk, we believe in storing but the real beauty is in “Let GO”.